Footballing excellence is part of our DNA!

PLAYERSLAB is one of the most advanced holistic development programs for footballers. 


The PLAYERSLAB Project is the direct result of over 25 years of experience in the world of professional football.  

PLAYERSLAB is what we believe to be one of the most advanced development programs for footballers in the football scene. 

Even the strongest athletes are, first, human beings. 

Taking a holistic and individual approach, PLAYERSLAB is dedicated to the 360° development of young football players, an approach that goes beyond football skills and includes physical, mental, and emotional aspects. 

In fact, in every player, the physical-athletic, psychological, tactical-technical, and cognitive components constitute an integrated whole in which each part is not separable from the others. 

IPDE is designed for players who can excel and reach a professional level, developing in a professional Football Environment.
5 type of “Tailor Made” development, for players from 14 years old, who come from international football realities where they practice competitive activity in their countries at a semi-or professional level, if not a good level of professional.

This program is designed to develop and improve in special Players Development Center, young footballers between 10 and 18 years of age individual, cognitive coordinative, conditional, technical-tactical, optical perception, speed of action and thinking skills,

The IPDE Elite Camps designed for young footballers between 14 and 18 years old, are a very intense individual development program. The Camps take place from Monday to Friday during the months of June and July and for 2 weeks during the Easter holidays.

Each athlete of the PLAYERSLAB program also could benefit of the 5 pillars of the project: 








Meet some of our Pros who recognize the benefits of top-level training outside of the Club environment. The ability to focus on individual specifics that are then applied to real world games is a critical component to playing at the highest level. 

“You were born to be champions. You have inherited from the vast reservoir of human evolution all the skills and potentialities you need to achieve your goals. Are you willing to pay the price to develop your talents and use the inherent qualities you have?”

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