Even the strongest athletes are, first, human beings.

Taking a holistic and individual approach, PLAYERS LAB is dedicated to the 360° development of young football players, an approach that goes beyond football skills and includes physical, mental, and emotional aspects. 

In fact, in every player, the physical-athletic, psychological, tactical-technical, and cognitive components constitute an integrated whole in which each part is not separable from the others. 

The mission of the PLAYERS LAB development program is to develop, support and empower exceptional people and players. 

PLAYERSLAB distinguishes and blends the work with the person and with the athlete.

The project has a set of peculiarities that makes it unique in its kind, including the study centre, an international network of individual training centres, the 4FD methodology, the contents, the innovative technical equipment, the use of modern test and control technologies  , the training and the combined approach of multilevel individual football teaching procedures with sports science, mental health and nutrition. 


PLAYERS LAB aims to improve the football performance of footballers in all areas to allow them to take the game to the next level. 


Ours is a team composed of established football professionals and sports management who have achieved important results at international level, supported by specialized collaborators. 


Our group includes: 

  • Former international professional footballers 
  • UEFA Pro coaches experienced in the integrated methodology of junior and pro football. 
  • Teachers graduated in sports sciences. 
  • Experts in the technical and physical preparation of junior and pro goalkeepers 
  • Experts in sports food science 
  • Experts in the managerial area of junior and pro football 
  • Experts in sports medicine, injury prevention and rehabilitation 
  • Experts in mental coaching, emotional management, stress and interpersonal relationships in football 
  • National and international scouting experts 
  • Experts in sports marketing and communication 
  • Experts in events, management of sports facilities, pre-season retreats, organization of international tournaments 
  • Experts in training coaches, players, referees, sports managers